Gariahat, Kolkata

Bio: a proud patroitic Indian, who does not believe in illogical IDOL WORSHIP, but worshipps Lord Raama, Lord Shree Krishnna, Lord Hanumaana, Maataa Seeta, Bhagwaan Parashuraama etc. az we 've scientific and archaeological and geological (and perhaps paleontological too) etc. evidences that conform/comply [2 a gr8 extent] to the events from the gr8 epics Raamaayana and the Mahaabhaarata -------------- well, I'm a worshipper of Lord Shiva, Aadii Shaktii, Goddess Laxmii, Lord Kaartikeya, Lord Ganesha, Maataa Paarvatii etc. too -------- still, I'm more a devotee of Lord Vishnuu/Lord Naaraayana/Lord Krishnna, Lord Narasingha Avataar, Lord Raama, Lord Parshuuraama, Maataa Seetaa, Maataa Raadhhaa, Bhagwaan Hanuumaana, Lord Bud-dhha, Lord Balaraama, Lakshmana etc. coz my knowledge on Lord Shiva, Aadii Shaktii, Lord Ganesha, Maataa Paarvatii, Goddess Kaalii Maa, Maataa Durgaa, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmii etc. iz way too little 4 me 2 have any kind of deep understanding!!!!! I'm a person whose blood boils over our arch-rivals China and Pakistan's unethical vile antagonistic policy towards our gr8 nation India!!!! I'm a person whose dictionary is devoid of terminogies such az religion, caste, creed etc.!! I strictly hate those who discriminate others based upon race, skin colour, ethnic origin, lineage, tribe, clan, sect, community, province, birth, section; let alone religion and caste ----- coz I just do not at all understand wht religion and caste actually are and y at all on earth they do exist after all !!!!! I'm someone who just looks 4ward 2 da8 day on which my birth and my qualities, abilities, callibre, talent, knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and even my life etc. would b of immense use 4 da sake of my nation, my planet, my ecology, our gr8 ally NATURE, the innocent guilt-free general mass, my environment n atmosphere n surroundings etc. ,, concisely speaking, the whole mortal reference plane or the MRITYUULOKE!!!!!!!!! Noteorthy of mention, my dictionary iz also devoid of terms 'luck', 'destiny', 'pre-written fate', 'vidhii kaa vidhaan', 'kundlii', 'horoscope', 'crystal balls', 'taqdeer' etc. ----- I once saw in CGM serial that da 1 n only gr8 Aachaarya Chaanakya said{though I'm not sanguin kii dat shown in da serial WAZ INDEED spoken out/commented by Aachaarya Chaanakya}: "Niyakty vyekty koh nahii, apituu vyektii niyatii kaa nirmaan kartaa hai tathhaa dishaa detii hai" and I follow this inspirational sentence from the bottom of my heart

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